Within the happenings of the European Capital of Culture there is this main place called Logomo here in Turku. It is close to the railway station so we walked there today to visit the two exhibitions “Only a Game?” and “Fire! Fire!”. Only a Game? is an interactive UEFA football exhibition which already has been in Liverpool, Istanbul and Brussels. Besides interesting facts about football they had football shirts of many different counties including information about the country hanging around. Furthermore and most interesting you could play a whole bunch of different football games, including table football and playstation games. They also had an xbox 360 which you use without controllers just with your body to play athletics. That was real fun.
As the name says the exhibition Fire! Fire! was all around Fire. It started with “The Gate of Fire“ where they showed a short video about how people discovered and used the fire up to now. The movie is without speaking and uses stick-figures. It is quite brutal in a way, but really nicely done. After this gate you enter a big hole with the exhibition. There you can learn a lot of things about fire in general and about the historical Great Fire of Turku in 1827. You can learn how to make fire, play funny games trying to catch people who virtually jump out of windows and use a fire pump. All really nice!

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