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Lapland and Norway

Published on March 28, 2011 By Verena Hausmann

We just came back from a very nice 4 day trip together with another German girl, Andrea, and one Spanish guy, Saul. We started our trip in Turku at 7 p.m. taking the bus to the airport. We wanted to pick up our car there, but nobody was at the desk. So we called the […]

Catching Reindeers and the Northern lights

Published on March 24, 2011 By Verena Hausmann

I know we are crazy, but as we haven’t seen wild living reindeers or the northern light the last time we were in Lapland we are getting a car tonight and driving up there ones more. Together with Andrea, a German girl and Saul a Spanish guy this will be lots of fun. So we […]

Kemi Snowcastle

Published on February 6, 2011 By Verena Hausmann

On our long way back we stopped at the snow castle in Kemi for about an hour. It is a building completely made from snow and ice – well, almost. The lights, etc., are not from ice of course 🙂 You walk into the castle through a long tunnel-like path with high snow walls that is […]

Skiing at Levi #2

Published on February 5, 2011 By Verena Hausmann

On our last day in Levi we again went skiing/snowboarding. It snowed the whole night before so that the slopes were kind of covert and we had the feeling of going deep snow skiing. Also during the day it went on snowing, but the view was a little bit better than on Thursday… Today we […]

Husky Safari

Published on February 4, 2011 By Johannes H. Glitsch

The highlight of the day was the husky safari. The bus took us and 40 others to a husky ‘park’. We were divided into three groups that took a short trip of about 3 km one after the other. Again, one would be the driver in one direction and the other would drive back. That […]

Snowshoe Experience

Published on February 4, 2011 By Johannes H. Glitsch

We tried snowshoes this morning. It’s pretty nice to walk this way. There are winter walking tracks that are really nice and give a nice view over the landscape. And we had blue sky and lots of sun.

Snowmobile Trip

Published on February 3, 2011 By Johannes H. Glitsch

Aside from the skiing we did today we had a great snowmobile drive. With a group of about 40 people we got one snowmobile for every two persons. Each person could drive for about 40 minutes. One drove to a reindeer farm and one back. The path went through the forest, over bridges (acting as […]