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Saying Goodbye to Our Friendship Family

Published on May 23, 2011 By Johannes H. Glitsch

Today we said goodbye to our Finnish Friendship Family. For our last meeting we got some Turkish-Finnish kebab. Double meat, i.e. about 1.7kg each of the two kebab rolls … It’s been nice to get to know the four of them and to spend some time discovering Finland aside from all the exchange student stuff. […]

Sleeding and Cooking with Friendship Family

Published on March 20, 2011 By Verena Hausmann

Today was a really nice and sunny day. After ice hockey we took the bus to the home of our Finish friendship family. Once there they already have been waiting for us outside. We walked to the side of the houses and found a small but nice hill to sledge on. Not only the kids […]

Aboa Vetus

Published on February 24, 2011 By Johannes H. Glitsch

Today we visited Aboa Vetus, the museum of history and contemporary art (even though skipped most of the art part). As the owner of the museum had his name day the entrance was for free. We met with our friendship family and spent about an hour in the museum. It is about Turku in its […]

Dinner with Finish Friendship Family

Published on February 13, 2011 By Verena Hausmann

Today we had our second meeting with our Finish friendship family. We first decided to go sledding and then cook some finish food together. But as it was -18°C it was too cold for Leo and Lotta, the two children of the family. So we just skipped the sledding part and just did the cooking. […]

First Meeting Within the Friendship Programme

Published on January 31, 2011 By Johannes H. Glitsch

This evening we had our first meeting of the Friendship Programme. This is about exchange students meeting Finns. What you make out of it is up to yourself. Even though we had both applied separately we now have the same Finnish family together with a Russian exchange student. They’ve got two little kids and are […]