Sightseeing in Helsinki

Okay, guys. This is about our Helsinki trip. We had the chance to visit Helsinki for just EUR 10 and even though we did not have the chance to visit the chocolate factory it was a beautiful trip 🙂 (actually ‘the others’ only visited the chocolate factory’s visitor rooms and not the production site itself as that was closed for whatever reason – glad we didn’t go to be disappointed). Departure was at … wait for it … the cathedral, where else (it’s nearly always there 😉 ), at about 8 a.m.

In Helsinki we were dropped off at Senaatintori (the Senate place) next to Helsinki’s Cathedral (a nice white building). From there we walked around with an Italian friend and two Italian students currently studying in Helsinki, who guided us a little. We went to other churches, onto the frozen sea and onto a tower of a hotel where you have a great view over Helsinki, and to many more places in the city. O, and towards the end we visited Wayne’s Coffee … there you get nice hot chocolate and warm feet 😉

As to the warm feet: We only had about -16°C when we arrived in Helsinki. Beautifully clear sky with loads of sunshine, but freezing cold. Over the day the temperature went up to about -6°C, but it turned cloudy as well. The worst was the fact that it did not really feel any warmer than in the morning. Despite of Wayne’s Coffee we went back with cold feet then (@Matthias: no, we did not wear your socks as we didn’t expect these temperatures; better would have …).

Overall, a beauuuutiful trip 😉


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