Aboa Vetus

Today we visited Aboa Vetus, the museum of history and contemporary art (even though skipped most of the art part). As the owner of the museum had his name day the entrance was for free. We met with our friendship family and spent about an hour in the museum. It is about Turku in its old days when it was mainly the cathedral and the castle. Houses of richer owners were then built using stone, others only used wood. The museum is built on top of what is left of some of these stone houses and the street that ran along the river. You get to know a lot about Turku’s history as an important market place in Finland. You can also find out that the Germans had a very important role here in trade for some time …

Afterwards we all went to have some pizza at Rax’ pizza place with all-you-can-eat buffet (pizza, salad, lasagne, …).

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